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Information about Cargo Claims
  • Filing a claim
  • Requirements for claim

A cargo claim is a written complaint demanding financial compensation from LOT Polish Airlines for loss of, damage or
delay to cargo whilst in care and control pursuant to a contract of carriage.

In the case of damage or delay, the person entitled to delivery must complain to LOT Polish Airlines within the time lines stated below. If no complaint is made within the times indicated below, then no action can be brought against LOT Polish Airlines.

No. Claim Type Description Time Limit
1 Destruction Complete loss of whole consignment. 120 days from the AWB issuing date.
2 Damage To consignment whole or in part. 14 days from receiving consignment.
3 Partial loss Some of the consignment is missing or damaged. 14 days from receiving consignment.
4 Delay To complete consignment or part of it 21 days from the placing date.

Guidelines for submitting documents

Please include the following information when submitting the e-Claim in order prevent any delay in handling your claim. The more information you provide, the more quickly your claim can be handled or settled.

1. PRELIMINARY CLAIM Enclose the preliminary notice of claim.
2. MASTER AIR WAYBILL Copy of the contract of carriage ( Master Airwaybill ) and eight digit number assigned to the shipment.
3. CLAIMED AMOUNT List the damaged or shorted merchandise by item and quantity and provide the amount you would like to be compensated for.
Tell exactly what was damaged and how you came to your claimed amount.
List how many pounds/ kilograms or what number carton was damaged.
4. FREIGHT CHARGES In most cases, the freight charges must be paid before a claim is finalized.
5. INSPECTION REPORT If damage was noted at destination, the agent should have been requested to prepare this report.
If an inspection was not done, just state that non was done.
An inspection completed by an independent surveyor may also be included.
6. INVOICE Provide the original vendor’s invoice for the damaged merchandise in question.
This will indicate the value of the goods claimed.
7. PACKING LIST This would list the quantity and weight of the items in each box.
For personal effects shipments, the value of each item should also be listed.
8. REPAIR OR PARTS REPLACEMENT BILL If the damaged goods are repairable, provide the receipt for repair.
9. SALVAGE VALUE It is the shipper / consignee’s responsibility to minimize the loss by salvaging goods.
Explain what was done with the damaged shipment; for example, was it thrown away, repaired, or sold for discount price.

Remember that you must retain all damaged material until the claim is completely resolved. In some cases, the carrier will notify you that they intend to pick up the damaged material. If you are not able to provide the material for the carrier, then the claim is denied.


In addition to the above please include:

10. HOUSE AIRWAYBILL Delivery record copy
11. SETTLEMENT DRAFT Proof of payment to ultimate consignee
12. SUBROGATION RECEIPT Statement from payee authorizing you to act on behalf of shipper or consignee
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